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The thing that our customers like most, when they come to visit our factory, is that we are a green factory. There are diversified trees and flowers are grown in a huge garden take about 1/3 square of the factory. We believe that a good and pure working environment will encourage positive energy rating in […]

Video shows how VINACOLOUR creates high-quality colour masterbatch

Colour masterbatches are gradually replacing pigments in the production of industrial plastics today thanks to advantages such as: Saving raw materials, avoiding losses during storage and use Easy to clean Environmentally friendly without dust during the production process Cum additives enhance the necessary characteristics such as glossy increase, toughness increase, anti-slip Born after masterbatch fillers, […]

VINACOLOUR maintains safe production during epidemic season

In recent times, the strong outbreak of Covid-19 along with the application of social distancing measures have affected the circulation of goods, leading to disruptions of supply chains and impacts on production and business activities of enterprises. Besides difficulties such as frequent labor shortages, rising input costs, Vinacolour also faces external challenges such as reduced […]